Distribute yor documents will be as easy as downloading an App

The first web platform that it allows you to convert your printed documents into interactive mobile app, adding texts, images, and video; in this way you delete development costs of mobile software.

JAPP catalogue is the ideal app for…

PRODUCT FOLDERS, TECHNICAL SHEETS AND MUCH MORE FOR THE SALES FORCE AND POST-SALES Provide to your sales force and post-sale interactive digital tool to read and browse the catalogues of your company and product profiles, updates of technical sheets and manuals, to send documents and notification messages.
IS IT A MOBILE WAREHOUSE? WHY NOT… Promote your online store in a new way, creating an app browsable as a catalogue and can be downloaded to your customers via the App Store and/or Android Market.
VERY SENSATIONAL MAGAZINES Make your magazines accesible to mobile devices, such as Ipad, Iphone and Android, enriched with videos, interviews and photo galleries.
SCIENTIFIC PUBLICATIONS OR MANUAL SCHOOL Increase the readers number of your scientific publications and allowing your students access to course materials, enriched with interactive contents.
ADVERTISE YOUR PROJECT IN ORIGINAL MODE Add texts, video, audio and multimedia previews.

Key features

EASY FOR EVERYONE A few simple steps to enrich and publishing in the mobile app. they can be catalogues, newspapers, brochures, guides and any other document or editorial content.

THE DISTRIBUTION IS ZERO COST Share the documents of your application with contributors, customers and patners. Free global distribution through the best online sellers.( App Store and Android Market).

A STEP AWAY FROM YOUR USERS Think about the opportunities. in real time you can directly update your users on the new products, in their devices.

DETAILED STATISTICS Think about the possibilities. You can plot graphs of your users for each document, including  most read articles, the most popular pages and search terms.

GREEN YOUR BUSINESS Convert part of your printed document into digital, and you will help the forest maintenance and ecosystem.

  A mobile app for smartphones and tablets is the easiest way to organize and distribute product catalogs, magazines, brochures, presentation etc…  A library with your brand and your products editorials, fully mobile and available to be downloaded from the main app store.

MANY OF CONTENTS WITHIN AN APP With catalogue japp, you can create an unlimited number of applications, publishing within your editorial content. you can also have one app for all your content, a single library where you can decide what to publish or not.

A LIBRARY OF DOCUMENTS All of published documents in your app, they can be viewed through your virtual library. You can decide the theme- skin that it represents you!

DOWNLOAD THE DOCUMENTS IN THE APP The user can download documents from the library, that they can then be viewed in the app. After the download, he can read the documents without the need for internet connection.

OPEN, SECURED, PAID Decide who can access to your documents: document open – free and accessible to everybody within the app. Secured document – only accessible via password. Document paid – in-app purchase of a single document or subscription service.

BROWSE IN THE DOCUMENT AND ZOOM Browse a document it’s pleasant, fast and it doesn’t give delays display. Inside a page, the user can find a pop-up with detailed information, that they are associated with specific subject of the page: details box, photo galleries, videos, virtual tours, etc..

TOUCH ACCESS All content are accessible with simple touch of the screen.

INDEXED LISTS Simplify document and access to multimedia content indexing pages and adding an index to your multimedia content.

MANAGEMENT FAVORITE PAGES A feature that it allows the user to create lists of favorite pages for easy access to specific content.

PUSH NOTIFICATIONS The user receives your messages as push notifications, sent through the platform japp catalogue ,directly from downloaded app. Inform your users, without additional costs, announcing new products or campaigns with special offers!

A SECTION “ABOUT YOU” You will present your company, your brand, your contents or any other information that you will want to share with your users.

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