With japp auto service your concessionaire is just a touch!

Japp auto service is realized to satisfy the needs of concessionaire who want to be always connected with their customers , to be their “ mates virtual travel” , to be of support for any their information request. japp auto service will let your concessionaire enter in the pockets of all the customers.

Discover all the features of japp auto service.



Japp Auto Service has a section called “utility” that thanks to a direct connection to the database of the concessionaire, it will allow each customer to keep constantly updated on:

  • COUPONS, performed and to perform
  • REVISIONS, performed and next deadline

Each customers can also use Japp Auto Service as reminder for the most important deadline like:

  • Expiration date STAMP
  • Expiration date INSURANCE
  • Expiration date LICENCE


The area “support” of Japp Auto Service allows each customers to recover all the relevant information of the concessionaire:

  • WORKSHOP SCHEDULE / Indication of opening and closing hours
  • CONTACT STAFF / Staff Contact Information
  • MOBILITY SERVICE / Indication of useful numbers for emergencies
  • GEO LOCATION / Interactive map to catch up the concessionaire


In the promotions area of Japp Auto Service, it’s possible to communicate in real time and at no cost to all customers:

  • Information about new products
  • Special offers
  • Seasonal discounts

Each update, it will be notified to the customers via “push notification”.


In the events area of Japp Auto Service, it is possible to promote in real time and at no cost to all customers:

  • Events of the dealership on the calendar
  • Communications about the new car
  • Initiatives “open weekend”

Each update in the events area, it will be notified to the customers via “push notification”.

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